Our company's focus 
is to open markets for yours
The more challenging the market,
the higher our commitment to make it happen

We speak business to
business fluently

In international business, barriers
can go beyond customs

Different time zones and
markets are our everyday

We know the right time and the right
way to speak with each country

Your business flying business class
towards success

We have the necessary experience and expertise for your company's international plans

Our Business Perspective

New Option was already born with a great challenge: to make Tramontina (the biggest kitchen tools producer in Brazil) succeed in Russia. Present in more than 120 countries, this Brazilian icon has found the Russian market to be its third most important one, behind only Argentina and Brazil. Great challenges are in the company´s DNA and running in the veins of its Brazilian founder Darlan Moraes Jr., who lived, studied and worked in 6 different countries: Denmark, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Latvia and Russia.


With more than 20 years of experience in these countries - far beyond than the majority of Brazilians - New Option's expertise is unique, and it comes exactly from the long years its founder spent and lived among the Northern people.
All of this knowledge is available for your company to have a soft landing in international markets including - but not limited to - the countries cited above as well as for companies looking forward to do business in Brazil.
The world is becoming increasingly globalized. But it is undeniable that each place has its modus operandi when it comes to business.
And that's where New Option's expertise comes in: helping your company understand each one of these differences and nuances, for success to be the only outcome.


Our Partners

In the most distant markets you can find the best opportunities

Solid experience and know how with Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Russia

Our Services

Deep analysis of the country and market in question
Prospecting and SWOT
Identification of target audience, competition and potential buyers in B2B and B2C levels
Communication and Marketing Strategy
Legal and Accounting Support
Support for Import and Export services
Strategic Partnerships

We navigate the on and offline segments with accuracy and precision

After all, different water depths need different strategies

Kitchen tools

On and offline Communication Strategy for the Russian Market

SAAS - Digital platform to catapult SMB´s digitally

Successful launch, Exclusive Representation in Brazil in Law, Finance, Admin, Communication and Strategic Partnerships

SAAS - E-mail marketing, Web Push, SMS, SMTP

Coordination of all Marketing and Communication activities on and offline as well as Strategic Partnerships in Latin America


B2B approach in Brazil with the focus in the advertising and editorial segments

Optimizing tool for Google Adwords campaigns

On line Communication Strategy for the Brazilian Market

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